2016 HBJ Municipal Collaboration Summit

One of the advantages of being a photographer is that on a daily basis I get to capture a glimpse into a variety of people's lives, industries, events and issues. It has afforded me so many opportunities to learn and meet new people...talk about fringe benefits!

So, Friday morning I photographed The Hartford Business Journal's 2016 Municipal Collaboration Summit. I know...I know. It sounds like a snooze-fest (or a load of BS) to a lot people. I gotta tell you, it was really interesting, informative and encouraging as a CT taxpayer and small business owner. Connecticut is going through a budget disaster (this is not opinion). And putting aside your political opinions, it's important for you to know that there are a lot of legislators in this state that ARE trying to come up with ways to make this state more efficient and save taxpayers money. I hope more of our leaders at the municipal level will open their minds to new money saving strategies (like regionalizing some town functions, services and purchases). Thanks to the Hartford Business Journal and its sponsors for hosting what I thought was a worthwhile and useful event for municipal leaders.